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I lost my charger, can I use the data cable to charge it?

If you have a Micro USB data cable, you can temporarily connect your computer device or charging head for charging. Direct data cable charging may affect your use efficiency, we still recommend that you use the original charger in the usual use process to ensure the safety of electricity.

How long does it take to fully charge a phone?

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge with the original charger, starting from a complete lack of electricity. Please refer to the actual usage scenario for details.

How do I check my phone serial number?

You can check it by entering *#06# in the call screen.

What is the longest time my phone has been used?

The maximum standby time of DIZO Star 300 and DIZO Star 500 is 17 days and 13 days respectively. However, the time may vary depending on the usage, so please refer to the actual usage.

Can the earphone battery be replaced?

No, the headset battery is a built-in lithium ion battery and cannot be replaced.

Why is my earphone only connected to a single earphone after opening the charging case?

1. One of the earphones is out of power, resulting in only one earphone connected to the phone;
2. Due to the particularity of Bluetooth earphones, electromagnetic waves in your area may interfere with the Bluetooth connection, and the headset may only be connected to a single headset after opening the charging case;
3. The earphone is in poor contact with the charging case, causing the earphone to fail to receive the power-on command from the charging case, and it cannot be automatically connected or only connects to one ear.
1. Charge both earphones and make sure that both earphones are charged;
2. Try to stay away from microwave ovens, railway stations and other objects with large electromagnetic interference;
3. Check whether the golden yellow contacts of the earphone or the charging case are dirty. If so, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of medical alcohol to wipe the metal contacts of the earphone and the charging case. Be careful not to use water and corrosive liquids to wipe the metal contacts, and do not wipe them too hard to avoid water in the earphones or deformation of the contacts.
4.Try to put both earbuds back into the charging case, close the charging case lid and wait 5 seconds before taking them out and putting them back on.

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