Fail to connect DIZO Watch to my phone/ fail to pair with realme link APP

1. Power off --> Long press side button for 3 seconds to power on

2. Please keep watch close to mobile device to proceed pairing

3. Please keep bluetooth of mobile device on during pairing

4. Please restart bluetooth of mobile device if fail to pair

5. Please download realme Link before start pairing -->search "realme Link" on google play

6. Mobile phone model does not support-->Mobile phone system meets requirements: Android 5.0 and above, iOS 9.0 and above

7. Allow realme Link to use phone camera to scan QR code --> phone settings => APP => realme Link => camera

8. Select the correct watch in realme Link 

Why can't my headset automatically reconnect to the previous device

The headset has been connected to multiple devices. The headset will only recognize the last connected device and cannot automatically connect to the previous device. It needs to be connected manually.

Can a headset be replaced separately if it is broken? How to pair the new headset

It can be replaced separately. Put the newly replaced headset unit into the charging compartment, open the charging compartment cover, and perform Bluetooth pairing again.

Slow charging troubleshooting method

1. Confirm whether the headset charging time exceeds 2 hours. Normally, it can be fully charged within 2 hours;

2. Check if the Type-C interface is sunken or dirty, causing poor contact.

Troubleshooting method for button not working

1. Check whether the headset is connected to the mobile phone, if not, please reconnect it;

2. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the key position, if there is foreign matter, please clean it;

3. Realme Link can be connected for firmware upgrade.

4. None of the above methods can solve the problem, please contact DIZO official customer service.

Why is the gap in my earphones large and easy to accumulate dust

Due to the limitation of the product technology, the plastic shell cannot achieve the extremely small joint position gap, and here is the hardware decoration piece and the plastic object are mutually matched, the control box gap will be enlarged in terms of visual effects, but in fact the gap belongs to the earphone industry category normal level. It is recommended to use paper towels or wet paper towels to clean regularly to keep the product surface dry and clean, which helps to maintain a good product experience.

The watch cannot be charged or is charging abnormally

1. The USB charging port is loose.

2. The watch and the charging contacts are offset.

3. Damaged charging cable.

4. The adapter used for charging is not standard or damaged.

Inaccurate movement distance

1. Outdoor cycling, walking, outdoor running, aerobic exercise: After the GPS is turned on (the phone APP is connected, the phone GPS is normally turned on), the link to the phone APP is interrupted or the phone GPS signal is weak, resulting in the inability to calculate the distance through GPS.

2. Outdoor running, walking, indoor running: When the GPS is not turned on for exercise, the distance is estimated by the user's number of steps and through a certain algorithm (number of steps * stride length), and stride length and height , Weight, gender, etc., there will be certain errors.

3. Outdoor riding: the exercise distance cannot be displayed when the GPS is not turned on.

4. The mobile phone is not carried during exercise, and the watch cannot connect to the mobile phone APP to use GPS to calculate the distance. The distance is estimated by the number of steps the user exercises through a certain algorithm (number of steps * stride length), and stride length and height, There will be certain errors in weight, gender, etc.