DIZO rolls out v2.0 for its DIZO App; offers latest UI and other exciting features and updates

DIZO rolls out v2.0 for its DIZO App; offers latest UI and other exciting features and updates

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  • 2022-01-12
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DIZO rolls out v2.0 for its DIZO App; offers latest UI and other exciting features and updates

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- Using the DIZO App v2.0, consumers will now get an even better user experience, more customization options, show running route and quick sharing on social media

- The new App version will be available on both Google Play Store and App Store iOS

- #DIZO #BeDifferent #DIZOApp


DIZO, the first brand under realme Techlife ecosystem, today announced the roll out of DIZO App v2.0 upgrade. The new version - DIZO App 2.0 offers is visually appealing yet simple and easy to use with the brand new UI experience along with many exciting new features. Alongside a few bug fixes and security enhancement, it will also allow users to experiment with and customize their smart wearable, track and record their daily, monthly and yearly activities, and also monitor health in a much better way. Enhanced by ‘Smart Tech Life,’ the brand urges consumers to “Be Different,” as it provides solutions to ‘Every Different You’ into four major categories - Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care and Accessories. Ahead of the launch of its latest smartwatch, DIZO Watch R, this announcement comes as a testament of its commitment to enhance the consumer experience and also create a convenient, comfortable and healthy smart life for everyone.


On account of the announcement Abhilash Panda, CEO, DIZO India said, “We are excited to introduce the upgraded - DIZO App v2.0. We take our consumer feedback very seriously and these developments are all taken into consideration after much deliberations and discussions, all in favour of further refreshing and enhancing the user experience. With this, as an example, I want to re-iterate that DIZO is 100% committed towards providing Smart TechLife to Every Different consumer needs and make their life easier.”


The new - DIZO App v2.0 is capable of greeting users with their names and as per the time of the day. It also shows weather and can quickly connect devices on the home page. Further, the users can watch their steps and calories count, customize dial faces and access health tracking, everything made available on the homepage only. That’s not it, the users can also customize the home page and edit the widget sequence as per your choice and usage requirement.

Additionally, users can sync and view their exercise data on daily, weekly and, even monthly and yearly basis. The DIZO Watch R users, with the latest DIZO App v2.0, can now easily pick and choose their favourite sports mode that will be shown on the smartwatch for ready use. Interestingly, they can also add and customize high heart rate alert along with sedentary, goal achieved and water intake reminders using the upgraded version.

Specific to the upcoming DIZO Watch R, the DIZO App v2.0 is soon expecting another update. With this, it will further enhance the user experience by providing an option to share exercise reports on social media with just a few clicks on the App. Another addition will be showing the total distance covered and tracking running route via GPS, also indicating pace, calories burned, and other metrics.


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