DIZO Watch R with biggest AMOLED display sale is tomorrow (Jan 11); Special price is INR 3,499 only on Flipkart

DIZO Watch R with biggest AMOLED display sale is tomorrow (Jan 11); Special price is INR 3,499 only on Flipkart

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  • 2022-04-01
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DIZO Watch R with biggest AMOLED display sale is tomorrow (Jan 11); Special price is INR 3,499 only on Flipkart

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The newly launched - DIZO Watch R boasts of 1.3-in (3.3cm) Ultra Sharp AMOLED display, 550nits high brightness, Always-on Display mode, premium metal frame, 110+ Sports Modes, health and fitness monitoring, 150+ Watch Faces, 5ATM Water Resistance and upto 12-days battery life
Originally priced at INR 3,999 only, the latest DIZO Watch R will be available at a special launch price of just INR 3,499 starting tomorrow, i.e. Jan 11, 12:00 PM onwards on Flipkart. It will soon be available on select retail stores
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January 10, 2022 | Gurugram, India: DIZO, the first brand under the realme TechLife Ecosystem, gears up for the first sale of DIZO Watch R in India on Flipkart from tomorrow, i.e. January 11, 2022 at 12:00 PM onwards. The latest smartwatch by DIZO launched last week is priced at INR 3,999. But, as an introductory offer, it will be up for grabs at a special price of INR 3,499 only. Boasting of the biggest AMOLED display in the segment and power-packed with latest specs including Always on Display, Cover to Screen Off, 550nits high brightness, premium metal frame, 2.5D Glass with 7H hardness and much more, the latest smartwatch from DIZO is sure to bring consumers, convenient and smart tech life that are underpinned by enhanced technology and great affordability.


Biggest display in the segment and probably the best
The biggest highlight of the latest DIZO Watch R is the 1.3-in (3.3cm) Ultra Sharp AMOLED display, the biggest in the segment, i.e. under the INR 4K category. Along with the biggest AMOLED Display it offers high-resolution of 360*360 pixel, which is 125% of normal TFT displays and 550 nits of high brightness. Overall it offers a clear, vivid, bright and smooth experience with a screen clarity, which is suitable for any lighting conditions. 

Also, premium and sturdy
The 45mm round dial is fitted with a metal frame and offers curved round hard glass to give it a premium look, which is also sturdy in use. Taking it a notch up, it is also equipped with the elegant 2.5D curved glass, that brings 7H hardness and anti-fingerprint coating on the glass. Sounds bulky, not at all as the latest masterpiece by DIZO is only 9.9mm thin, the thinnest in the segment.


To mix and match it with your different personality
Available in three trendy colours - Classic Black, Golden Pink and Silver Grey the device comes with 22mm easy detachable straps. Additionally, there are 150+ customizable watch faces including dynamic ones that let you jazz up your personality as per your style of the day. Always on Display ensures you do not have to raise your wrist always or press the button to check time. Further, you can simply cover the dial with your palm to turn off the screen and show it off to your friends. 

And, fitness and health being the priority
When it comes to improving your physical fitness, the comfortable and stylish companion includes 110+ Sports Modes such as running, walking and cycling both indoors and outdoors, mountaineering, swimming, football, dancing, yoga and what not. It also helps you track and record your daily, weekly, monthly and even annual workouts data and even lets you set goals. Talking of health[3] monitoring, the DIZO Watch R brings a full gamut of features including 24/7 automated heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor (for blood-oxygen measurement), keeps a track of your sleep, steps, calories, distance, sedentary and displays water intake reminders, etc. For the females, it can also track the menstruation cycle making it convenient for them to keep a check of the same.


The device is 5ATM Water Resistance, which means you do not have to worry while swimming and doing other water sports while wearing it. 


Gives you 12-days of use, 60 days of standy time and several smart controls
Other smart features offered by DIZO Watch R include smartphone music and camera control, show notifications for calls and messages, reject or mute calls, find your phone, stopwatch, weather forecast, low battery reminder, brightness, do-not disturb mode and much more. Accompanied by simple magnetic suction charging and built-in smart power saving chip, the smartwatch has a battery capacity of 280mAh, which delivers up to 12 days of battery life and a standby time of over 60 days. Interestingly, the smartwatch brings the latest DIZO App v2.0 support as well. 

DIZO App v2.0, the latest
The latest version of DIZO App 2.0, that can be downloaded and paired with the latest DIZO Watch R, brings a brand new user interface offering seamless configurations and customizations. The app will have new features including weather information on the homepage, choosing sports modes for your watch to show, downloading and choosing watch faces as per the style, along with personalisation option. With another upgrade on DIZO App v2.0, which is expected soon, it will additionally feature route tracking using the smartphone GPS along with an option of instant sharing on social media. 


DIZO and realme TechLife Quality Assurance
DIZO Watch R has been tested by DIZO and realme for 168 hrs 55℃/95%RH burn-in test, 5,000X charging test, 500,000X button test and 5,000X buckle test.


Price, Availability and Offers
The DIZO Watch R, with the biggest AMOLED display in the segment, premium metal frame, Always on Display, 150+ watch faces, health and fitness monitoring features with 12 days of battery life, comes in three trendy colour options - Classic Black, Golden Pink and Silver Grey. Originally priced at INR 3,999, during its first sale, it will be sold at INR 3,499[4] only via Flipkart.


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1For a limited period, tell stock lasts
2[3]The device is not meant for medical use
3[4] For a limited period, till stocks last.


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