DIZO, launches DIZO Wireless Active with unique laser engraved design and DIZO Watch D Sharp with sharper and brighter resolutions

DIZO, launches DIZO Wireless Active with unique laser engraved design and DIZO Watch D Sharp with sharper and brighter resolutions

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  • 2022-07-26
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DIZO, launches DIZO Wireless Active with unique laser engraved design and DIZO Watch D Sharp with sharper and brighter resolutions

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- Comfortable and lightweight DIZO Wireless Active, boasting a unique laser engraved design anddiamond grid texture on the buds, also features massive 23 hrs of music playback, Memory Metal,
Magnetic Instant Connection, Bass Boost+ algorithm, dedicated Game Mode and more.

- Featuring a sharper display with 14 days of typical usage, the DIZO Watch D Sharp offers 1.75-in (4.45cm) high-res i.e. 86% sharper 1 display, 320x390 resolution, 550nits brightness, hybrid metal frame,quick reply, 5ATM water resistance and more.


- The DIZO Wireless Active will be sold starting July 28 at an introductory price of INR 1,199 only andthe DIZO Watch D Sharp will start selling from July 29 at INR 2,999 only as the special price

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July 19, 2022 | Gurugram, India - DIZO, the first brand under realme Techlife ecosystem, today announced the launch of two new products - DIZO Wireless Active neckband with a unique laser engraved design and DIZO Watch D Sharp with high-res and sharper display and exquisite hybrid frame design. Providing unique experiences to its users, the DIZO Wireless Active and the DIZO Watch D Sharp offers a fantastic fusion of design, comfort and technology. Both the products have distinct features for all the tech-savvies and fashion aspirants alike, and definitely caters to the differentiated needs of the

The DIZO Wireless Active features a modish diamond grid design on the strap along with an exquisite,engraved texture on the buds, and is sure to grab the eyeballs around. The neckband boasts 23 hrs of music playback, 11.2mm Larger Driver with Bass Boost+ algorithm and PU+PEEK diaphragm. Additionally, it brings Memory Metal, Magnetic Instant Connection, dedicated Game Mode, ENC and realme Link App befitting all the trendsetters.

For the smartwatch lovers, the DIZO Watch D Sharp flaunts a premium look and delivers a 1.75-in (4.45cm) big and high-res display with 320x390 resolution, which is 86% sharper. It further boasts 550nits brightness, a special hybrid frame and comfortable straps with a novel texture. The smartwatch features 110+ sports modes, the entire DIZO health monitoring suite, and 150+ watch faces with personalization options, quick reply, up to 14 days of battery life and 5ATM water resistance.

Commenting on the launch Abhilash Panda, CEO, DIZO India said, “We are deeply committed to offer our customers a unique range of products that encourages them to experiment with better and bolder designs and features. The launch of DIZO Wireless Active and DIZO Watch D Sharp is a result of the
response that we have been receiving across our portfolio. For those who are waiting to buy a new neckband earphone, DIZO Wireless Active which has a distinctively etched laser design and cutting-edge features, is the choice. The DIZO Watch D Sharp comes with features like 86% crispier and a brighter
display, and an evolved design along with a lot of other functionalities.”


“DIZO is growing exponentially and at the same time our team is working hard to fulfill the ever-changing demands of our consumers. We believe in providing solutions that suit the unique personalities and at very attractive price brackets. Our effort is that each and every Indian consumer should own the
smart device and we are working towards fulfilling this goal,” he added.


DIZO Wireless Active
Rare, unique and premium, the DIZO Wireless Active comes with a laser engraved design on the control box and when under the light, it shines in elegance making it more appealing and out-of-the-crowd. On each bud there is a diamond grid texture as well, which offers a 3D effect of multiple tiny diamonds arranged in lines, again exquisite and looks nothing less than a gem-of-an-earbud. While other earbuds are prone to scratches, this one comes as a relief for the users. Available in three quirky color variants -Classic Black, Meteor Grey and Indigo Blue, the earphone is extremely light and weighs just 24g, which can easily accompany even while swinging it all day long.

The Memory Metal ensures the neckband earphone never loses its original shape, can be folded and easily carried around and still always look like a new one. To avoid discomfort and uneasiness, DIZO Wireless Active embeds an air let-out hole, which ensures easy airflow to balance and prevent the
formation of air pressure in the ear. The Magnetic Instant Connection effortlessly allows users to answer/hang up calls, play, and pause the tracks only by clipping and separating them together.

The best fit for the fashionistas and fitness enthusiast who grinds round the clock, DIZO Wireless Active offers a 150mAh battery capacity, and 23 hrs of music playback for uninterrupted entertainment, and can offer up to 3 hours of playback in just 10 min of charge. It comes with a 11.2mm Large Driver along with Bass Boost+ algorithm, which is optional for those who enjoy heavy bass in their music. Alongside, the PU+PEEK diaphragm enhances the sound experience for the users. Who would want to be obstructed in between an interesting online match or their favourite car racing game? The DIZO Wireless Active brings forth 88ms Super Low Latency, using the dedicated Game Mode feature, that will amplify your gaming experience. In addition, the latest Bluetooth v5.3 version ensures stable and faster transmission. Be it work calls or important discussions with teammates, the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) ensures smooth and swift conversations. The realme Link App features touch functions, firmware upgrade, adjusting EQ (Bass, Dynamic, Bright), turning on/off the game mode, and ENC mode, and much more to allow the user customize and personalize their latest DIZO Wireless Active as per the convenience.

DIZO Watch D Sharp
The DIZO Watch D Sharp, boasting of bigger and sharper display, comes with a 1.75-in (4.45 cm) hi-res display, which is 86% sharper than a standard display in its segment, 320x390 resolution and 550nits high brightness to deliver clear visibility even when the sun is directly overhead. The perfect combination of metal and polycarbonate frame makes the smartwatch unique, light and durable. Further, it is complemented by the 22mm detachable super comfortable strap, ideal for prolonged usage without any discomfort, and three snazzy color variants - Classic Black, Silver Grey and Deep Blue to choose from.

Additionally, keeping in mind the latest fashion choices, the smartwatch offers 150+ attractive watch faces including interactive ones and personalization option. For the fitness enthusiasts of today and their customized regimes, the DIZO Watch D Sharp features over 110 sports modes including intense activities such as mountaineering, horse riding, high jump, long jump, variety of dance forms, Tai Chi, martial arts, trampoline, skateboarding and even golf, rugby,
cricket, footfall, hockey, etc. The health monitoring accessibilities include a 24x7 real-time heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, sleep tracking, water intake and sedentary reminder along with details on steps, calories, and distance covered, offering more insights into your health levels. For the
females, there is menstruation cycle tracking as well. Additionally, it evaluates daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports maintaining exhaustive health records for the user. Further, the quick reply feature lets users reply to rejected calls with pre-set text messages. It also comes with witted internal features like phone camera control, music control, alarm, find phone, call and message notifications, weather forecast, power saving mode and much more.

The DIZO Watch D Sharp has a battery capacity of 300mAh and can continuously be used for up to 14 days of regular use and 60 days of standby. It is loaded with more smart features and once synced with the DIZO App, it allows several customizations along with tracking running routes via in-app GPS and instant sharing option on social media. The swimming enthusiasts can use it underwater as it is insured by 5ATM water resistance rating. Further, it uses Bluetooth v5.1 version for faster connectivity and can be connected with smartphones having Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 & above.

Price, Availability and Offers
The DIZO Wireless Active with its unique design and massive battery among other exciting features will be priced at INR 1,499 and will start selling from July 28, 2022 12:00 PM onwards on Flipkart. Futher, users can get it at a special launch price of INR 1,199 only, for a limited period. The latest DIZO Watch D Sharp with its sharper display, trendsetting design and 14 days of battery life among other smart functionalities will be available on Flipkart starting from July 29,2022 12:00 PM onwards. Originally priced at INR 3,499, it will also come at a special launch price of INR 2,999 only for a limited period. Both the products will be available in selected retail stores soon.
DIZO Wireless Active: http://3owwmg.cn/dDh8C
DIZO Watch D Sharp: http://vwbeh0.cn/bBwtm


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